What is a landing page

Why a landing page is important

A landing page gives a different angle on a normal website page – it’s like a testing area for a product or service.

Here are 5 reasons why a landing page is important?

No navigation or distraction

A good landing page example is a page that’s got no navigation or other distractions like that of a normal web page.

This gives better focus to the landing page content and makes it very relevant for the customer’s viewing this.

This also increases people’s attention span because they don’t stumble over the page, but choose to visit the page.

Overall a landing page can increase the overall users experience.

Targeted lead generation

A landing page focuses on a specific topic in driving targeted traffic from a PPC campaign or other source. This leads them to take an action such as an email offer, discount or free download.

Creating a landing page is an essential as part of your marketing strategy.

This gives you tools to gather insights that would otherwise be hard to gauge within a standard web page.

Data tracking

Set goals and capture specific actions on call to action buttons. This measures how a user is interacting with the page, how long they spent on the page and what they focused on.

You can capture data from these pages using conversion tracking, event tracking and heat maps.

Improves landing page conversions

You can improve conversions and click through rate on a landing page easier than a website. The advantage is you’re leading people on a journey whereby they take initial interest in the product by clicking to your page.

Once you have a visitor, keep the content relevant and engaging throughout their journey – they should stay and then make an enquiry.

Driving relevant leads with a landing page build improves the user’s experience and improves ROI.

Test a products value

Want to know if your idea or product will work before you invest further? Create a landing page to get all the data and insights needed to whether this works.

Maybe you’re starting a new business, need just one initial page, or to spark interest in a specific latest product or service, then this web design service is for you.

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