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  • Empower Your Website: 4 Essential Tips – Web Accessibility Checklist

    There are some primary checks to carry out when formulating a web accessibility checklist. When crafting a website, it’s essential to take pride in our work and inquire whether the site is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Applying accessible code and accessibility checks shouldn’t be done once a site is finished but throughout the whole […]

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    Integrate Accessibility (A11y) into your business

    Accessibility with Agile Methodology A business’s focus is to be profitable and convert as many visitors into customers – giving priority to UX, targeted campaigns through SEO strategy etc, but accessibility gets put on the back burner. We want as many people on our web site as possible, however we’re missing out on many potential […]

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    Learn Accessibility (a11y) for your website

    20% of all people have a disability of some kind. So that’s 20% of your potential visitors could be disabled, hence your marketing strategy should consider how accessible your website is. Let’s look at a beginning to understanding what website accessibility means, how important it is, and how it could affect  your potential users if […]

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