How to increase Google Page Speed Score

How to increase Google Page Speed Score

PageSpeed is so crucial online, but understanding all the terminology is a little daunting, so I have analyzed the top factors to help you to think more about Google Page Speed when your designing and developing websites.
No matter if you are a small team or large if your graphic designers are producing ridiculously large images that are not scaled for the web, then it will affect your whole online efforts.
You can run a google page speed test for your website.

Browser caching

When the browser requests information from a server, it load’s each image, page elements and other files which has an effect on the page speed loading time.
This is heavy and without browser caching this would have to load every time your site is loaded. Browser caching can avoid this.
This functions in remembering the resources that were downloaded previously so it does not have to load them again. That means the speed your site loads would dramatically increase.

Fix 1: Plugins

You can apply a plugin called W3 Total Cache which is a plugin over 1million installs.

Fix 2: Manually add the code

Apply caching to your htaccess file to cache the file types for up to 1 year.

Render blocking JavaScript’s

You need to defer the loading of certain scripts in the header as some scripts that don’t relate to the loading of the page can be deferred until the page is loaded. Render blocking is anything that affects the load on the page. So, scripts that are not essential should be made asynchronous or deferred.

Files that get labelled as render blocking are