5 Website Myths to be aware of

Website Myths

Here is 5 website myths I have picked up from people who have assumptions about these topics, so I thought it useful to mention some of them

1. WordPress will sort my SEO

WordPress is an amazing blogging and web platform which has some fantastic SEO tools, but do not be fooled into thinking having WordPress with the right plugins is automatically the answer to be found online. No matter what you use, you must adhere to specific techniques and work at it to properly have success online. There are no shortcuts.

2. Cheap hosting overseas is best

If you’re a UK business, be aware of the pitfalls of buying hosting from overseas companies as this wont help your SEO if the hosting company have their servers located abroad, this is a small thing, however still better to be hosted with UK servers if your business is in the UK. Be aware also that the customer support and language barriers could be an issue here especially if something goes down.

3. People offer websites free of charge

No-one offers services 100% free, so be aware they could appear to do this, but they may then charge you for something else. There are services like Wix etc that do provide free services that are genuine, but even so they still provide a free service to a level.

4. Adding links to your website will drive traffic

This isn’t true, and is a black hat technique from years back whereby at that stage it was beneficial but nowadays is treated as spam, so apply internal and external links to each page of your website within the right density and where it adds value.

5. Copying content from another site will be fine

This is a copyright breach of anyone’s site as they have spent time, money and effort investing in getting their content right, and copying can be tracked through certain SEO tools. If you’re really serious about wanting something to work, why do the research and write the content or hire a copywriter to produce some great relevant copy to boost the effect of your website.

I hope these tips have helped clarify some myths online.